Furniture For the Small Office – Space Saving Ideas

With almost 90% of UK enterprises having less than 10 employees, it should be easy to find office furniture solutions tailor made for the small office. Even so, with limitations on space and budget it is important that you get it right and end up with an office that provides all you need for working areas and office storage solutions.

Furnishing a small office is all about finding smart solutions and keeping it simple. One idea is to choose a furniture range that offers computer desks and office storage cabinets in the same style and material. With a modular computer desk you can add on desk storage and side tables to create a workstation that suits your specific needs.

Office storage should be positioned against or on a wall to maximise available floor space. Choose storage (filing cabinets and bookcases) that can be fitted with doors to make a tidy impression and keep items free from dust.

When the furniture is delivered it may be wise to move your furniture around to find the best combination for the room.

If you feel that you need some expert advice then many furniture retailers now offer an affordable design service. It could be money well spent as their experience can help making that valuable space work harder for you and your co-workers. They would also come up with design features that reflect your company’s style and character.

Other ways to save space could include using open bookshelves as room dividers, fitting storage cupboards to the wall (a bit like kitchen cabinets) and as for technology, invest in wireless networking, smart cable management and electronic paper storage.