For Your Home Or Office, DMI Office Furniture Offers Quality and Style at an Affordable Price

DMI offers a wide range of choices from the office to the home office furniture made from fine veneer and selected quality woods for durability and functional furnishings all at discounted prices. Styles and designs vary from classical and traditional, contemporary and transitional, and small home office space. All furniture designs are protected by DMI’s top guard finishing to protect desks from scratches and stains and all surfaces are thermally fused.

Traditional and classical home office series is composed of Ambassador style a traditional home office furniture collection with high pressure laminated tops; Andover style a traditional design combined with ultimate comfort showcasing a beautiful Sherwood mahogany finish; Governor style a classic traditional design embraced with decorative wood accent moldings, modesty panels, and decorative swinging bail hardware for a rich traditional look; Keswick style an unmatched luxury in traditional veneer designs of extensive home office furnishings in English cherry finish; Oxmoor style a most impressive design with its finely tuned balance of design and functions expressing an elegant traditional style in merlot cherry finish.

Contemporary and transitional home office series is composed of Americus style a distinct transitional design inspired by Art Deco in rich mahogany finish with book match crotch mahogany tops and walnut borders; Summit Reed style a contemporary modified reed edge with split nickel hardware that gives a variety of office work surfaces in sunset cherry finish; Summit cope style a contemporary design created for modularity featuring radius coped edge with curved nickel hardware; Belevedere style a distinctive design that gives a contemporary sophisticated look featuring figure book-match Anigre veneers; Pimlico style a style in mocha finish featuring edges with angles slightly recessed and the tops are separated from the chassis and enhanced with satin aluminum lines that compliments the satin nickel drawer pulls; Eclipse style a simple transitional sophistication in warm cherry finish for full comfort and convenience with its pull-up conference table and bow front desktops; Belmont style in cherry veneer a transitional style crafted with elegance; Del Mar style features multi-function facilities influenced by the Shaker style switching the traditional office environment into a transitioned one.

Small home office series is composed of Antigua style with enchanting details but casual elegance suitable for small spaces; Balmoor style a modern-day design based on old-European settings; Carrington style with aristocratic details completely fits your small home office; Estes Park style a design crafted from oak solids and veneers; Fifth Avenue style a traditional and contemporary design combined together to conveniently accommodate home office equipments; Keeneland style a traditional and transitional collection of home office elegant furniture; Midlands style expresses simplicity is beauty in cured oak finish design for simple furnishings suited for a full-functional home office; Rue de Lyon style a design with extra furnishings for any kind of home office requirements; Windermere style a conservative type of design but with visible distinct details and functional furnishings; Writing desks style includes Adams writing desk and Madison writing desk for home office settings.

DMI office furniture can accommodate all kinds of office requirements whether it is located at the office or at the comfort of your home.

Furniture Buying Tip – Signs of Quality Home Furniture

If you visit home furniture stores, you will find a bewildering array of house furniture. Nearly all of it looks beautiful on the showroom floor, but it can be hard to tell at first glance which furniture will stand the test of time and which will not. Here are some clues to bear in mind the next time you are visiting home furniture stores. These tips can help you decide which furnishings are worth your time and money.

Materials matter when it comes to house furniture. If you have a relatively large home furniture budget, it’s a good idea to look for items that are made of solid hardwoods such as oak, cherry, maple, birch, mahogany, walnut or teak. Softer woods such as pine, cedar, redwood or fir are a good choice if your budget won’t cover hardwood.

For smaller budgets, look for home furniture that is constructed of plywood, rather than particle board. Hardwood veneers over plywood can make very nice, high quality furnishings that are both beautiful and durable. If you can’t afford hardwood veneers, consider purchasing furnishings that utilize durable laminate veneers.

Good materials are an indicator of quality, but even the best materials aren’t worth much if the furniture’s construction is shoddy. Over the years, home furniture makers have developed construction methods that produce extremely durable, sturdy furniture. Unfortunately, some manufacturers have figured out shortcuts that make it easier and cheaper to mass produce house furniture but result in inferior items that will not have the durability of properly constructed pieces.

The points at which separate pieces of wood are connected together, called joints, represent potential weak spots in a piece of furniture. For this reason, strong joints are a good indicator of the quality level of a piece. The highest quality joints are made by carving two pieces of wood so that they lock together when joined. These beautiful joints are found in the finest furnishings. A more budget-friendly but still very strong joint is made by using dowels or screws. Staples are a cheap shortcut, and you should avoid pieces made with them you find any at home furniture stores.

Corners should be reinforced with blocks of wood that can be seen from the inside of the unit. Well-constructed furniture will have back panels attached to the back and dust panels between drawers, so these blocks may not be visible. However, gently nudging the piece will reveal how stable it is. If the blocks are in place, nudging the item should cause very little movement.

Always try the drawers if the piece has them. They should fit their openings well and line up with each other. You should be able to slide them in and out effortlessly, but you should not be able to pull them all the way out of the base. Doors should swing easily and noiselessly and should close neatly.

Sauder Office Furniture – Making Quality Office and Home Office Furnishings Affordable

Office furnishing is one of the largest expenses for any business whether you are looking at furniture for an office, a home office or even the quiet corner of your room to give you the perfect place to study. Affordability, durability and the ability to mix and match to suit your individual taste is important when it comes to picking the perfect furniture and Sauder office furniture provides you with just those options.

Sauder office desks is known for providing quality and affordability. However, many people may not be aware of the fact that Sauder furniture is designed to be easy to assemble, easy to disassemble and move. This makes them one of the economical choices for office furniture.

Office furniture is no longer boring- it’s not just a straight basic desk and straight chair designed for loads of paperwork. Desks now need to be designed to handle the needs of individuals and computers. People also want options when it comes to their office furniture. They want comfort and versatility. An increasing number of people are working longer hours. Chairs need to be ergonomically designed, comfortable and able to provide the proper support for individuals who spend hours at a computer. Desks heights are different for desks that are designed for computers versus those designed simply for paperwork.

Sauder office furniture takes this into consideration and provides furniture designed for the contemporary office and contemporary office worker. Furniture should be functional and should reflect the overall feel that you want out of your office. A multitude of styles as well as colors in addition to various pieces such as bookcases, file cabinets and accessories come together to form collections of office furniture that you can mix and mat to not only meat your individual style but also obtain the functionality you need.

Office furniture should not need a degree or a technician to put together. They should come with simple and easy to follow instructions that allow you to put each piece together quickly and easily. It also allows you the opportunity to be able to disassemble furniture when moving whether you are in a traditional office or home office.

There is no need to worry about durability. The Sauder office furniture collections are made of high quality durable materials that are designed to handle life. Whether you are looking for modern and contemporary or more traditional styles, you can find it in Sauder office desks.

Corner desks, wood, or glass along with a variety of sizes and finishes provide you with everything you need to outfit your home or office with a collection of furniture that not only looks good but is going to stand the test of time and use. The best part of these furniture collections is they are affordable. Many times good office furniture is expensive making it hard for home offices and smaller businesses to be able to afford what they need. Sauder office furniture offers durability, economy and quality.