Online French For Kids – 5 Reasons Why it Beats School

Kids often find that trying to learn French at school is very difficult. This is because French is a very complex language and the teaching methods used in most schools to teach kids French should be much better!

Have you ever considered an online French for kids course? Below are 5 reasons why online French for kids courses are far superior to traditional school teaching methods:

1. Games – The best online French for kids courses have interactive games so that kids can have fun while they learn French. Very sneaky, but it works!

2. Audio Modules – The audio modules can be uploaded to your kids mp3 player so that learning can be done passively, easily and at any time. Your kids can be listening to the material when they are on the way to school, eating or playing on the Xbox.

3. The Four Elements – The four education elements are writing, reading, listening and speaking. Most kids struggle to learn French at school as only writing and reading are concentrated on. This lack of practical teaching is why less is learned and what has been learned is much more easily forgotten.

The best online French for kids courses contain modules that focus on all four key educational elements meaning that your kids will learn French much more easily.

4. Online Forums – With an online forum, your kids can meet other kids their own age and skill level online. They can open chat windows and if you have a head set, can speak with their new friends, in French of course! What better way to get good at French than by using it in a practical way! They don’t get this at school!

5. Price – You could get a personal tutor for your kids. This would typically cost you around $40 per hour. They are very good and your child will certainly get results very quickly with this personal one to one tuition.

However, a good online French for kids course will set you back around $100 and you will get a 2 month guarantee. If your child doesn’t learn French quickly, you get your money back.

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